Mon 30th October at 7am UTC

Body Image Fundamentals is Almost Here 

Improve your clients body image and become the impactful coach they truly need. Get the results they're looking for (without the harm) and be the coach that changes lives.










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No more scratching the surface. You're ready to help clients on a deeper level by improving their body image and relationship with food, so they can reach their goals without the harm. 

 How does it work?

This is an 8 week live training program

With educational lectures, personal guided exercises and client-focused calls.

That teaches you the science of body image

From negative body image to positive body image and the factors that influence it.

And an evidence-based framework to implement it

A clear step by step process with tools to integrate into your practice.


Meet Your Teacher

I know what it's like to feel like you could be doing more.

I didn't want to be stuck coaching clients to get to their goal weight when they were already obsessive about their macros and freaking out about the scale. Implementing body image work into my coaching changed everything.

My testimonials went from 'Shannon is a knowledgeable and helpful coach' to 'My whole life has changed and I cannot thank you enough'.

I have never felt so confident in my ability to  coach clients in a way that's actually effective and aligned with my values.

Meet my research team!

To guarantee the accuracy & efficacy of this program, I enlisted expert researchers to review the course content and presented in front of multiple prestigious research labs.

Here's the real game changer: Not only does this course draw from years of research and practical experience, but it has been empirically validated by the research team at the Health, Behaviour and Emotions lab at the University of Toronto. 

Scientific research confirms that the strategies taught in this course are not only easy to learn but also create a tangible impact in your clients lives.

Become The Coach Your Clients Need

Get on the waitlist for first access for the Body Image Fundamentals training program. The first 15 coaches to enrol will receive a surprise bonus to take your skills one step further. You won't want to miss it!