End the love/hate relationship with your body. For good.


There Is Nothing Wrong With Your Body

I know you have a hard time accepting your body and have tried everything to change it. You struggle to take care of your body, always punishing yourself for overeating. You constantly worry about what other people think of how you look. You feel crushed when you see photos of other people’s bodies. If only you could look a little bit more like them...

It’s frustrating and exhausting.

You want to get leaner, but you also want food to stop taking up so much brain space. You want to take care of your body without the obsession, so you can focus on other areas of your life. You want to be more outgoing and actually show up for your life, no longer holding yourself back.

Now's your chance to do just that - no strict diet necessary.


How Does It Work?

Build Body Confidence will help you to develop the mindset you need to feel comfortable in your skin and confident in who you are.

Learn how to:

  • View exercise as a tool to celebrate your body, rather than control it.
  • Show up for yourself on bad body image days, instead of being flattened by them.
  • Respect your body and take care of it without the obsession.
  • Appreciate the attributes that make you a great person, rather than focusing on all of your flaws.
  • Trust in your ability to make choices that support your health, body and life.

Build Body Confidence, so that you can...

Be more outgoing and have a vibrant social life.

Wear the clothes that make you feel good and express who you are.

Finally feel at peace around food.

Be excited about undressing in front of your partner.

Go to the beach without a second thought.


Become Body Confident In 3 Steps


Watch The Course Videos


Implement The Activities


Make The Most of Life



I came to Shannon with a seriously tragic relationship with food and an even worse view of myself. Working with her has been an experience unlike any I have had with any other fitness or nutrition coach. I have rediscovered a way of life free from perfectionism, harsh self-talk, chronic restriction, and constant fear and anxiety surrounding food. I now have a sense of peace with myself and with food, along with an internal harmony which permeates all areas of my life.


Even though I wanted to address my body image concerns and eating behaviour, I still had some body composition goals I wanted to achieve. I wasn't sure if those two things were compatible. Shannon showed me that there was a middle ground. I am able to live a more meaningful and fulfilling life without sacrificing my goals or being consumed by them. If you want to flourish, in every sense of the word, Shannon is your girl!


I was following Shannon’s work for a while before reaching out to her so I knew that working with her wouldn’t be anything like my previous coaches, but I am still amazed at how much my life has changed. I can now enjoy a weekend away without packing my ‘healthy foods’, I can go to the beach even on my ‘bad body image’ days and I am even pursuing a career change. I felt heard, supported and understood every step of the way.

Course Outline


This course is informed by the most up-to-date body image research and Shannon’s years of experience working as a health coach.

It serves as a comprehensive resource for anyone wanting to improve their relationship with their body.


You Have Nothing To Lose

If you are not satisfied with the course within 14 days, simply contact us for a full refund.

I know that this is possible for you and I don't want self-doubt to hold you back.