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  • Understand how your mind and body work so you can drop the battle with yourself
  • Learn skills to manage your motivation, thoughts, emotions so you can change your behaviours
  • Feel comfortable in your body, make balanced choices without the stress (or macros) so you can be more present in your relationships and live your life fully

Each weekly email comes with two prompts to help you develop self-awareness (self-reflection) and take action (self-regulation).


Here's What Past Emails Have Covered:

🟡 How to fixate less on your body

🟡 How to follow through when it's hard by building frustration tolerance

🟡 How to develop a stronger source of motivation 

🟡 How to stop weight cycling 

🟡 How to support yourself when you're feeling self-critical 

🟡 How to pull yourself out of a mindset funk

🟡 How to build confidence that isn't contingent upon how you look

🟡 How to manage emotions without turning to food

🟡 How to identify what's really going on when you feel fat

🟡 What to focus on when you feel like nothing is working

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