3 Crucial Lessons That Your Coaching Certification Forgot To Teach You.

You know a lot about training and nutrition. But how do you foster high quality sources of motivation, support a healthy relationship with food and help clients overcome setbacks?

In this free mini-course, you will learn how to:

  • Establish intrinsic motivation for change
  • Develop self-compassion in the face of setbacks
  • Guide clients towards a healthy relationship with food and positive body image

Guide your clients towards sustained well-being and become a sought-after coach who changes lives.

Coach Shannon Beer

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What you'll learn inside...

Foundations of Flourishing

Transformative coaching is not just about achieving visible results; it's about empowering your clients to flourish over the long term. 

Foundations of Flourishing will prepare you to support your clients relationship with themselves and their bodies so they can go beyond surface level changes and achieve long term results.

It's a stepping stone to Body Image Fundamentals, an 8 week training program designed to equip value-driven health and fitness coaches with a framework for coaching clients to a healthier body image and relationship with food.

With Foundations of Flourishing, you can get your clients off to a better start right away!

Free mini course
Achieve lasting transformations beyond just the physical, confidently guide clients through their biggest challenges, and set your clients up for long term success.

Your 3 Foundational Trainings

Set Your Clients Up For Long Term, Meaningful Results

Attempting behaviour change from a negative place is not sustainable, or effective.
Get your clients to a solid start by laying the Foundations of Flourishing.

Body Image Fundamentals is For Coaches Who Are:

Confident in their training and nutrition knowledge but unsure of how to help improve a client's relationship with themselves.

Find it challenging to help clients when they've come for fat loss but need to do the deeper body image work.

May have already done some personal work on body image, but understand that it takes more than that to guide your clients effectively, and you don't want them to struggle too.

Want to be a coach who actually helps clients to genuinely improve their quality of life and needs a clear structure and framework for improving clients' relationship with food and their body image. 

Body Image Fundamentals Course

Go beyond surface level results and change your clients' lives.

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