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Body Image Fundamentals Bundle

Learn how to improve your clients' body image and make a bigger impact in their lives.

What you'll get:

  • Body Image Fundamentals Course - to develop the skills and knowledge to improve your clients' relationship with food, exercise and their body.
  • The Ultimate Body Image Progress Tracker - to integrate body image self monitoring into your coaching practice.
  • Client Worksheets - to effortlessly guide your clients through engaging exercises and activities that promote positive body image.
  • The Coaching Collective Community Access - to forge lasting connections with like-minded coaches and access exclusive resources that will further enhance your professional development.
  • LIFETIME ACCESS to all future updates - to ensure you always remain up to date with the latest science.
  • Bonus Body Image Coaching Workshop - where I answer your unique client challenges.
  • Pay In Full Bonus: Breakthrough Conversations: Mastering Motivational Interviewing for Food and Body Concerns - to experience true client breakthroughs, as they become more engaged, motivated, and committed to making the changes that matter most to them.


  • 1-1 Call with Shannon

This interactive session will enable you to gain deeper insights, address any roadblocks or uncertainties, and refine your approach to improving body image for yourself and your clients.

You'll have the chance to dive deeper into the course material, explore additional topics, and gain valuable insights and perspectives from Shannon's expertise.

This must be redeemed within 6 months of purchase.

What People Are Saying:

The body image course is like nothing I've ever seen before. I think Shannon is completely changing the way in which us coaches are helping others. With this information we can finally, truly help clients in the safest and profound way.

Rachel Greer

If you have even a slight interest in body image and want to help clients in a more meaningful way, then you absolutely will not regret purchasing the body image course. It will advance your coaching practise and, more importantly, allow you to understand your relationship with your own body on a deeper level. Thank you Shannon for putting together such a brilliant course!

Matt Davis

I found the Body Image Course invaluable. Interestingly the science and methods presented made sense of a lot of things which I hadn't been able to put together myself. It helped me both personally and professionally.

Ruby Cooke

Thanks to Shannon’s Body Image Course, I’ve become a far better coach. With the information, tools and coping strategies provided, I’ve been able to improve my clients’ perceptions of themselves and their respective relationships with their bodies. Thank you, Shannon! You’re a constant source of inspiration with everything you share.

Corinne Wooden

I have had the great pleasure to learn from Shannon’s course on body image - something the vast majority of PT or coaching certifications are not addressing in the slightest. I would recommend this to any fitness professionals who want to help their clients improve from the inside out.

Conor Murray

Body image is a huge limiting factor for many of my clients who come from a place of overtraining and under fuelling. From the exercises and evidence-backed information Shannon has put together, there's no more guessing as to how to approach such nuanced and sensitive subject matter with clients.


Body image is fundamental for all coaches. Shannon's lectures are evidence-based, easy to understand & have useful worksheets. The service I give my clients has improved as a result. Thank you Shannon!