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Crushing Comparisons

Overcome social comparisons, build your confidence and focus on YOUR personal growth.

What you'll get:

  • 7 short, impactful video modules teaching you the psychology of comparison and how to overcome it
  • A comparison tracker to help you gain insight into your own comparison tendencies and areas for growth
  • Practical worksheets to help you challenge unhelpful thoughts and develop a confident mindset that moves you towards your goals

Payment includes lifetime access to all future updates.

What People Are Saying:

This course was exactly the thing I didn't realize I needed. I had no clue the extent of my comparison tendencies are (and how unhelpful they are to me living the life I want!) Shannon does such an excellent job unpacking how typical advice to "stop comparing yourself" because "comparison is the thief of joy" doesn't give us the tools we need to do it. I am already seeing how this will impact me personally and the clients I work with for the better.

Christina Holland, Health Coach

I was stuck in the business comparison trap and doubting whether I had what it takes. It helped me to manage some of the more negative comparisons so I can focus on becoming the best version of myself without getting caught up with what everybody else is doing. I am far more confident in myself and my business.

Diarmuid O Donoghue, Strength Coach

If you use social media on the regular then this course will be super helpful. Evidence based, well articulated and deliver in short and snappy modules to help with retention of the information as well as practical exercises and handouts to really make the most impact.

Stu Graham, Health Coach