You’ve got better things to do than worry about food and your body.

Learn how to consistently make food choices that support your health and life, without the obsession.

No guilt or restriction necessary.


Does This Sound Like You?

You struggle with emotional eating, binge eating or stress eating.

Your self worth is tied to the scale and you never feel attractive or good enough.

You spend a lot of time thinking about what to eat and feel like a failure when you don’t stick to a plan.

You are missing out on life because of your food and body struggles.

Good news! You are the exact person EMPOWER Coaching was designed for.
We are told that if we are disciplined enough, we can control what we eat, shape our bodies, earn the respect of our peers and be happy and successful. When we don’t achieve our goals, we blame ourselves.

When we criticise and condemn ourselves, we fail to identify the real culprit. Societal messages and unexamined assumptions about health, appearances and behaviour change. Stuck in the restrict-overeat-self blame cycle, we struggle to change…further damning ourselves and punishing our bodies.

Here is a secret.
There is nothing wrong with you, or your body. You are not broken. 


In a society that glorifies extreme physiques, wanting to change and sculpt your body is a normal response.

Unfortunately, a different body doesn't solve the problem. You’ve certainly tried enough times to know that.

What if you ended the war with your body? Instead of trying to control it, you learned to work with it?

Shannon helped me dig deeper into my story behind food, rather than staying surface level and just ticking some macro boxes.

I have tried many "nutrition" coaches who just told me what to do, what macros to hit or what to eat. It created a relationship of "need" where I didn't feel like I learned anything about myself and was unable to participate in life without measuring my food. I felt really disconnected from my actual hunger or preferences, and instead would cycle through not eating (to try manage my weight) and binge eating on the weekends / drinking more than I felt comfortable with. Working with Shannon was completely different. I learned to see how eating well was a way of taking care of myself and my body, rather than me needing to 'earn' that. I am very grateful for you. Your lessons stay with me and have helped me be a better human & coach. Thank you!

Caity Haniver

Introducing EMPOWER Coaching


Teaching you to:

Develop trust with your body so you never need rules and restrictions ever again

Detach your worth from your body and be proud of who you are, no matter how you look

Enjoy all of your favourite foods without the fear and guilt and never miss a social event again

Support yourself when you’re having a hard time, instead of food being the only option

→ Free up headspace so you can focus on what matters in life

This experience has been completely different from any other coaching I’ve tried in the past, and infinitely more valuable.

The questions Shannon asked, how she asked them, and resources she provided, made me explore my mind in a different way. It was about getting to the root of what I was struggling with, not just setting a plan and saying I just don’t want it enough when I slip up. I felt the care and compassion throughout the whole experience. 

Heidi Warr

Here's how we do it:

Gain the confidence and skills to support your body and get more from life.

Self Awareness

Transformational educational modules to help you understand your behaviours, stop blaming yourself, and take responsibility for change.

Weekly Check Ins

Review your progress, learn from your struggles and move forward step by step.

Coaching Calls

Personalised guidance, feedback and support to empower you to reach your goals.


Hear From Clients Just Like You:


The D.A.R.E Approach

EMPOWER Coaching is the industry’s first evidence-based coaching framework to incorporate Nutrition Science, Body Image Interventions, Compassionate Mind Training and REBT.


Jess Horner

Working with Shannon was such a positive experience and one I am so glad I went on. I reached out to address my relationship with food, something that felt very overwhelming and unachievable. Shannon was able to guide me through the process of identifying and reframing unhelpful thought patterns contributing to my relationship with food and show the alternate outcomes to situations by being curious and kind to myself. Having Shannon be a compassionate mirror to my thoughts and actions was extremely helpful to address issues I didn’t even know were part of the initial problem. This process has created so much freedom to my life and was honestly a life changing experience, one I would say everyone would benefit greatly from.

Stay curious.

Katie Brown


Before coaching with Shannon, I was really struggling to stop the diet/emotional eating cycle. It felt like a roundabout with no exit route. I was bonding so much "self worth" to my weight & size & it was massively impacting my life. Working with Shannon gave me the confidence to let go of things I tied my worth to. She helped me to become more compassionate, so that I could do the hard things & take time for me. I have changed my mindset entirely, meaning I focus on ways to soothe myself & give back to myself. I get more stuff done, I feel more mindful, I am feeling so much better in my own skin. I have more interesting conversations, because I have more time to read. I actually feel a little bit tearful writing this, but I don't weigh, track myself, my steps, my calories & goodness knows what else daily. I have time & that's precious. 

Thank you for enabling me to understand that there is light at the end of a tunnel. It's wonderful that after 16+ years of being ruled by these feelings of self doubt, the need to be slimmer, disordered eating and a painful and overruling exercise addiction... I can look at a feelings wheel and feel hopeful and confident, and that feels wonderful.

I've used a few coaches and it was an investment I was scared to make, but Shannon is so different - in a very good way!


Frequently Asked Questions

Wondering whether EMPOWER Coaching is right for you?

This probably isn't the right fit for you if:

  • You are willing to sacrifice your health and wellbeing to lose a few pounds
  • You are not in a position to make an ongoing financial investment, in which case the Build Body Confidence Course may be a better fit
  • You are struggling with an eating disorder and you’re not in treatment

If it's fear, uncertainty and self-doubt that is holding you back... that's actually not a problem. These feelings are all a normal part of the change process. We can chat through any of these concerns in a free call (with no obligation to sign up), which you can book in for once your application has been reviewed.


Please contact us to discuss whether or not Empowered Coaching could be a good fit for you. If you are in treatment with a therapist or other professional, we can make it a team discussion! Shannon is always happy to collaborate with your support team.

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