You know there's more to coaching than macros and fat loss, but it can be difficult to help clients go further.

By addressing the processes behind why clients struggle, you can feel confident in your ability to achieve deep, meaningful results.

Coaching is about changing lives, not physiques.

You know you want to help clients on a deeper level, but this can be hard to do when clients are focused on fat loss and you're not sure how else to help.

You can go so much further with an evidence-based biopsychosocial framework that adds real value to your clients' lives, so you can be more successful and fulfilled in what you do.

Two Ways To Develop:

01 Body Image Fundamentals Course

Develop the skills and knowledge to improve your clients' relationship with food, exercise and their body in this self-paced online course.You will walk away with a framework to integrate body image work in your coaching, so you can confidently coach clients through improving their body image so it is no longer a sticking point in their success.


02 VISION Private  Mentorship

Private 1-1 mentoring for value-driven coaches. Develop the knowledge and skills to achieve meaningful client results and build confidence in your ability as a coach. For those who are committed to their development, refinement and growth.