Build a coaching business that makes a difference.

Go beyond surface level results, build a profitable business, and support the life you want to live.


You Want A Profitable Coaching Business That Offers More Than A Physique Transformation

You've been told it won't work. You have to offer a 'tangible outcome' and apparently that has to be all about fat loss. Whilst you don't have a problem with fat loss per se, you don't want to be like every other body composition coach. You want to offer more.

Your success as a business owner rests on three things:

1. Your ability to manage yourself. To determine your priorities, decide on a plan, and create the systems and structure that allow you to follow through.

2. Providing a life changing service. One that goes beneath the surface and helps clients with the changes that matter most.

3. Communicating about your offers with confidence. Working on your messaging and overcoming the self-doubt, perfectionism and procrastination that prevents you from putting yourself out there.

This mentorship will help you do exactly that.


Introducing Vision Mentorship

The Three Step Process To Bringing Your Vision To Life:


Learn how to structure an effective coaching service and synthesise your knowledge in framework for clients to walk through, so they can get life-changing results.


Gain clarity on what you actually need to work on to grow, set goals and checkpoints to stay focused, and create a schedule that allows you manage your time more effectively.


Get clear on your messaging and work on the perfectionism & self-doubt that gets in the way of putting yourself out there, so you can attract clients who are excited to work with you.

So You Can Get Clear, Get Confident & Get Clients:


VISION Mentorship Is For You If...

You Want Confidence In What You Offer & How To Market Yourself

Like Maya, you're done with picking up random bits of business advice online and want structure and a clear plan of what to do to build your business.

'I'm a million times more confident with what I have to say in my marketing and on social media. I feel confident in my knowledge base but also in what I have to offer in my services to clients. I've now completed a number of public speaking opportunities and each have helped me to become more confident. Shannon has also helped me to quieten the self-critical, perfectionist voice that was previously stopping me from taking risks when it comes to talking about body image and disordered eating both online and in person'.

MAYA ROBINSON, Disordered Eating & Body Image Coach

You Want To Have More Success With Clients

Like Diarmuid, you're tired of cookie-cutter business advice that relies on before and after transformations to lure in clients. You want a more holistic service that gets results.

'I am a better communicator and have a deeper understanding of the body image work and psychology-aspect of coaching. Through the self-management I have become more self-accepting, which has resulted in reduced stress and increased productivity. Reflecting on my journey, I wish I had found you at the beginning of my career'.

DIARMUID O'DONOGHUE, Strength and Confidence Coach

You Want To Learn Skills, Not Just Be Told What To Do

Like Sarah, you've spent thousands of dollars trying every strategy in the book and are struggling to stick with one thing long enough to make an impact.

'Over the last few months I've gained confidence, clarity, and a mindset shift that I can actually make this work - and quitting my full-time job was not a huge mistake! This was due to out bi-weekly sessions but also the support and resources you have provided me outside of our time together. I think a lot of this change was because you always taught me how to do this instead of saying "do this or do that," even though that is what I wanted in the beginning. I feel like my skillset has expanded so much in such a short period of time because someone finally taught me how to do this'.

SARAH BURBY, Health Coach & BCBA Supervisor

What's Involved:


1-1 Biweekly Calls

We meet every 2 weeks for a 50 minute strategy session to help you get clear on the steps you need to take & overcome the mindset blocks getting in the way of executing.

Notion Business Builder

Content planning, daily task prioritisation, marketing plan, business mission & values... keep it all in one place and run your business more effectively.

Video Trainings & Resources

Refine your coaching skills and create a framework for your coaching that dives deeper than just calories and weight and actually facilitates long term change.


What Coaches Are Saying:

Ready To Grow A Meaningful Business?

Develop yourself and grow an impactful business with Mentorship PRO


6 month minimum

  • Biweekly live¬†calls to develop your coaching skills¬†(2¬†x 50 minutes)
  • Access to the Mentorship Library of lectures and workshops
  • Client folder with recommended research
  • Applied psychology tools to immediately implement into your coaching for better client results
  • Personal review of business strategy & features of your service (onboarding, check in and feedback process)
  • Personal coaching on your own self-doubt and mental blocks¬†
  • Co-creation of coaching frameworks & client programs

Meet Your Mentor

Impact requires strategy & self-management, not just knowledge

When I began working as a registered nutritionist, it soon became obvious that clients needed more than just nutrition advice. I went down the rabbit hole of body image, compassion and behaviour change, and EMPOWER Coaching was born.

My clients were so grateful and amazed at much their lives had changed. I realised that the quickest way to help more people was to teach coaches how to do the same.

But herein lies another problem! The most knowledgeable and conscientious coaches are often the ones who doubt themselves the most. Who are unsure how to market themselves in a way that aligns with their values and actually draws clients in. They get great results with clients but struggle to put themselves out there with confidence. They lack the strategy and self-management to actually run a business.

If we're really going to help more people, we need to build a service that makes a difference and learn how to get it out there in the world.


Build A Coaching Business That Makes A Difference