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Great Coaches Are Strategic About Their Development

Great coaches don’t stop learning once they’re qualified. Great coaches continue to develop their expertise and continually strive to examine the effectiveness of their work.

Rather than blindly jumping from cert to cert, or learning things that never apply to their practice, great coaches are intentional about their development.


The Process 

Supervision & Feedback

Understand your strengths and areas for improvement

Live Skills Practice

Improve existing skills and develop new ones

Disciplined Learning

Develop a personalized plan for ongoing development


In this mentorship you will learn how to:

  • Help clients work through psychological barriers, address disordered eating behaviours and improve their body image.
  • Improve your clients'  physical, psychological and relational wellbeing through a biopsychosocial informed approach to coaching.
  • Overcome imposter syndrome and improve your confidence in your coaching abilities.
  • Help clients tap into meaningful motivation and improve compliance.
  • Develop flexible coaching methods and expand their skillset to include alternatives to macro-tracking.
  • Create deeper and longer lasting results that extend far beyond physique changes.
  • Clarify your direction for your coaching path and continuing personal and professional development.

6 Month Mentorship


  • Payment covers all twelve sessions.
  • Personal client folder with recommended research
  • Client worksheets and handouts
  • Additional lectures and resources
  • Access to The Coaching Collective exclusive development group

Coaching Tools To Help You Make More Impact

Download our Comprehensive Coaching Workbook for 3 key exercises to enhance your skillset.

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