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#368: Shannon Beer ‚Äď Intentional Eating, Flourishing Health & Behavioural Psychology

How can we support our goals in a way that's aligned with our values? What is flourishing health? How can we take a sustainable approach to achieving long term results?


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Overcoming Comparison & Building Self Confidence

Shannon offers valuable insights into the complex interplay between societal influences, individual perceptions, and the development of body dissatisfaction and disordered eating.

Physique Goals, Body Image & Self Compassion

Coach Shannon Beer joins me on the podcast today to talk about physique goals, body image, and how to use compassion to get better results.

How To Embrace Your Body

Regain control over your food choices, feel comfortable in your own skin, and live a more present life.

Body Image and Self Compassion

How to become the version of yourself that truly wants the best for you.

Working With Client Body Image
What fitness coaches need to know about body image in order to best support their clients.
Building True Confidence in your Body with Shannon Beer

Why true self confidence is an internal thing, and steps you can take to work on it.

Body Image, Self-compassion, Discipline and Confidence

Providing essential insights into self-compassion, body image, and the limitations of traditional approaches to appearance-related goals, while shedding light on Shannon's unique journey from law to health coaching.

Body Image Nutrition Coaching

Learn how working on your body image helps you to improve your nutrition and get the results you're looking for.

How To Hack Your New Years Resolutions

Why considering your values and ideal self could be the first step in creating a truly magical game plan for yourself. 

How To Stop Worrying About How You Look

Can I still improve my body through diet and training AND have a positive body image? What does a positive body image even mean?

Developing A Positive Body Image

How to care less about the scale and feel happier and more comfortable in your body.

Flourishing Health, Positive Body Image, Self-acceptance & Intentional Eating

Why changing how you look might not change how you feel, and how to create flourishing health.

Male Body Image & Disordered Eating

We discuss what it is to "be a man" and how hard it can be for any male who feels like they fall short of this "alpha dude".

Is Flexible Dieting Another Form of Rigid Restraint?

Wondering why you struggle with macro tracking and flexible dieting? Learn more about what you can do to improve your health beyond those means.

Strategies To Combat Stress Eating

Why we often find ourselves turning to food after a tough shift and how we can combat this impulse with healthier strategies.

Flourishing Health and Psychological Wellbeing

Does dieting align with your values? How to appreciate your body and pursue what makes you happy.

Intentional Eating vs Intentional Weight Loss

Why rigid dieting backfires and how you can reach your goals in a more sustainable way.


When striving for perfection can become harmful and how to stop identifying with your failures.

Comprehensive Coaching, Intentional Eating, Flourishing Health

Approaching body image issues and where the fitness industry is going next.

Understanding Body Image & Health

Learn what it really means to work on your body image and how to feel comfortable and confident in yours.

Body Image & Comprehensive Coaching

How social media and the fitness industry have impacted the way we think about ourselves.

The psychology of nutrition & how to have a better relationship with food

Why so much of improving your health is about building a more helpful mindset.

Finding motivation for diet longevity

How to identify deeper, more meaningful motivation that fosters long lasting commitment.

Eating For Happiness

Finding the sweet spot where you can maximally enjoy life and still 'look and feel the part'. 

Steps To Informed Eating

Non-tracking diet methods and developing the ability to 'maintenance eat' in the long term.

The Philosophy of Health

What does it really mean to be healthy and live a flourishing life?

Intuitive Eating and Diet Psychology

When does dieting backfire and what are the merits of weight-neutral approaches to healthy eating?

The Science of Body Image

Body image, health, fitness, and what it means to live a fulfilling and enjoyable lifestyle.

Eating Disordered and Body Dsymorphia

Pressure to look good, identifying disordered eating and approaching change in a different way.

Motivation and Emotional Eating

Why we get motivation wrong and removing shame from food.

Self Compassion, Body Image and Flourishing Health

How do we develop a healthier relationship with ourselves and focus on living a life we love?

Psychological Approaches To Nutrition

Body image, psychological methods to address emotional eating, and the pitfalls of a flexible dieting approach.

Psychology of Weight Loss

Mindset, mental health, and how to approach your goals in the right way.

What Is Intuitive Eating?

Will you let yourself go, or will Intuitive Eating help your relationship with food and health?

The Missing Link Between Health and Fitness

How to know when you're ready for weight loss and applications of Intuitive Eating.

Are Physique Goals Helping or Harming your Body Image?
Exploring topics like self-criticism, body image, social media, and the professional implications of promoting aesthetics in marketing.
Episode #30 Shannon Beer Health & Confidence Coach the mental health and mindfulness series part #5
Discussing what a growth-based resilient mindset looks like, the ways our health can help us build a better mindset, and much more!
Comprehensive Coaching Is Collaborative
Why we do the things we do, particularly when it comes to our eating behaviors.
QLR #5 Shades of Grey in Times of Black and White with Shannon Beer 

Human extinction, social justice extremism, humans as storytelling apes, scientific thinking, the need for open dialogue as bedrock, & more.

Change From The Inside Out
Showcasing the impact that training and more athleticism can have on all of us
Calorie Tracking, Intuitive Eating & Informed Eating // Taking Control with Shannon Beer
Shannon breaks down the facts around intuitive eating and where Informed Eating bridges the gap.We also discuss the positives and negatives of macro tracking, when to reduce calorie tracking and how to transition into a more 'Informed Eating' approach.
How Intuitive Eating Can Fix Your Relationship With Food 
If you're anyone who is interested in fixing relationships with food, escaping the diet mentality, and having a healthy life that is balanced without fear of food, then this episode is for you.
#18 Leaving Behind MyFitnessPal Ft. Shannon Beer
Discussing the pros and cons of using apps like my fitness pal and the many different nutritional strategies and interventions you can use other than necessarily counting calories, esp during times of hectic work commitments and holidays. 
Informed Eating In Practice W Dalton Franke & Shannon Beer
Digging deeper into the newly coined term 'informed eating', or as I sometimes think of it as 'informed total health maintenance eating'. Discussing more aspects of it, some variations within it, how it is practically applied and what it 'looks like ' in real-world practice.
#138: Shannon Beer; Informed eating, letting go of tracking and Intentional weight gain.
Discussing informed and intuitive eating, managing food mindsets, and balancing fitness goals with body image and life progress.