Coach With A Vision

Hey, I’m Shannon. I’m a nutrition coach who specialises in body confidence and personal growth.

I’m here to create a fitness industry that is truly life-enhancing, by filling in the gaps of traditional coach development. I call coaches to challenge their assumptions about health and appearances and critically examine the way they practise.

I created the Health and Confidence Coaching framework to teach and an evidence-based approach to behaviour change through compassion and body image science. I work with value-driven coaches to bring this vision to life in The Coaching Collective.


As a private coach, I help coaches to improve their body image and relationship with food, so they can support clients to do the same.
As a mentor, I guide fitness professionals to develop their skills so they can truly make a difference in their clients' lives.


Ready to work together? There are three ways to get started. 

EMPOWER Coaching

Build body confidence, feel in control around food and make the most of life.


EVOLVE Mentoring

Live group supervision to help you develop the skills to provide an effective coaching service that creates lasting results.


Body Image Fundamentals

Help your clients improve their body image and relationship with food with this evidence-based online course.


My Story of Development

I started off studying law but once I completed my degree I decided it wasn't for me. I packed up my bags and flew one way to Vietnam. At the same time, I began my studies to become a registered nutritionist.

I started where we all did. Flexing a physique transformation whilst educating on nutrition because I thought it was helpful... Unfortunately we cannot turn back time - but we can learn!

I became interested in the mind-body connection and explored a short-lived interest in neurosports, visiting Jose Antonio's lab in Florida.

I wasn't that interested in sports performance but I wanted to be 'taken seriously' and seen as an 'expert' so I enrolled in a nutrition masters program at University College Dublin...and withdrew when I realised it wasn't what I needed to truly develop as a coach. Nor was it necessary to make an impact in public health (an interest of mine).

I continued conference-hopping around the world, enrolling in mentorships and taking every opportunity I could to learn.

Then I started to notice common problems my clients faced. And this is when things really changed. Rather than blindly pursuing extra knowledge, I started to do my own research. I learned more about body image, produced the course, had it reviewed by researchers and tested by a team at the Health, Behaviours and Emotions Lab at the University of Toronto.

I realised the importance of psychology and continued my own development, working alongside Hugh Gilmore from Podium Psychology, and pursuing training in REBT and motivational interviewing.

I recognised the importance of compassion and how difficult it can be to develop. I become a facilitator in Compassionate Mind Training, undergoing supervision with Dr. Chris Irons.

These experiences transformed my coaching. Knowing that this could not be limited to my client-base only, I created the Health and Confidence Coaching framework to synthesise this knowledge. I now work with value-driven coaches within The Coaching Collective on their personal and professional development.

Check Out My Bookshelf

I can't stop reading about the mind, human behaviour and relationships through literary fiction, psychology and philosophy.

My bookshelf is updated frequently - I wonder if we have any common interests?


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