Hey, I'm Shannon.

I’m a law grad turned registered nutritionist, certified Compassionate Mind Training Facilitator and REBT practitioner who helps people improve their health and confidence, so they can flourish in life.

I share free resources in the form of articles, podcasts, instagram posts and emails that actually help you change your life.

When I got started in the fitness industry, it didn't take me long to realise that the typical approaches to health behaviour change offered surface level solutions. That set me on a path to upskill and develop the Empower Coaching Framework, which I use to help rigid dieters develop self-regulation skills that help them to become confident in who they are and truly flourish in life.


I believe...

Health encompasses physical, psychological and relational wellbeing.

It’s not a dream body if it’s a nightmare to maintain.

If your confidence is contingent upon how you look, it’s not confidence.

Taking care of your body is an act of respect, not a harsh punishment.

If you want to embody these beliefs too, stick around!


Ready to work together? There are three ways to get started. 

EMPOWER Coaching

Build body confidence, feel in control around food and make the most of life.


VISION Mentorship

Build a profitable coaching business that offers more than a physique transformation.


Body Image Fundamentals

Help your clients improve their body image and relationship with food with this evidence-based online course.


My Story

My approach to life has been pretty exuberant...

After completing my law degree, I left the UK to travel the world whilst qualifying as a nutritionist. Seeing 35+ countries in 6 years necessitated a fairly flexible approach to movement and nutrition. It was there to add to my life, not consume it. I wanted to feel strong and confident.

I began working in this industry because I wanted to help people experience a similar freedom, and soon realised many of my clients were stuck because they internalised appearance ideals that limited their lives. 

I wasn't having the impact I thought I would make. I decided to do something about it by filling in the gaps of my own education. I incorporated some body image work into my coaching and was blown away by this message I received from a client's dad.

And the gratitude from clients kept coming:

So I packed the research and knowledge up into a Body Image Training Course for coaches:

And I'm on a mission to provide a comprehensive, evidence-based approach to health and well-being that goes beyond surface level changes and empowers each and every one of us to lead flourishing lives.

My Core Values

If these things resonate with you, I think we'd get along!


I seek to understand client struggles, and guide them to overcome challenges with strength and courage, so they can pursue personal change from a place of empowerment.


I am here to make a measurable improvement in people’s lives, leading them towards flourishing health and inner confidence.


I maintain high ethical standards, ensuring my services are transparent, honest, and aligned with evidence-based approaches. I take responsibility for delivering on my promises.


I aim to champion good practice and support the continued learning and skilfulness of other value-driven coaches through educational content, mentorship and online courses. 

Critical Inquiry

My approach combines the best available scientific research in body image, compassion and eating behaviour with clients' own expertise and values. With this robust epistemology, I empower clients to achieve lasting transformations and lead flourishing lives. 

Check Out My Bookshelf

I can't stop reading about the mind, human behaviour and relationships, through literary fiction, psychology and philosophy.

My bookshelf is updated frequently - I wonder if we have any common interests?


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