Become the impactful coach your clients need. 

Improve your clients' body image and help them develop a better relationship with themselves.

Because you're more than just a macros coach.


You're a health and fitness coach who is dedicated to making an impact in your clients' lives. 


Your clients are struggling to stick to their nutrition goalsdespite making your approach as flexible as possible.

You want to go beyond a physique transformation and support clients in building a healthy relationship with their bodies.

You're driven by a genuine desire to make a difference, but you find yourself uncertain about the best way to market yourself without making it all about fat loss.

While you may have already done some personal work on body image, you understand that it takes more than that to guide your clients effectively.

If you feel like something is missing from your current practice...  

This course is what you've been looking for.

By bridging the gap in your education, you'll be better positioned to creating meaningful transformationschange your clients lives and build a sustainable and fulfilling coaching business.

Imagine if you could guide your clients towards life changing results.

Gone are the days of feeling stuck or uncertain about what to say. 

Approach check-ins with assurance, armed with the knowledge and skills to address your clients' most challenging food and body concerns.

Find fulfilment in helping your clients truly appreciate the meaningful changes they are making beyond their weight on the scale.

Establish security in your business and experience the loyalty of clients who stay for months on end, inspired by the transformation you facilitate in their lives, not just their appearance.

Imagine the impact you could make, not only in the lives of your clients, but in your own career and fulfilment. 

But right now, you are struggling with:

Self Doubt

The struggle to redirect your clients' focus from solely pursuing fat loss to embracing a deeper health approach has left you doubting your ability to make a difference. You are questioning your own effectiveness and yearning for better strategies to facilitate true transformations.

Client Frustration

Despite your best efforts, and your clients' commitment, they are not achieving the results they anticipated, leaving them feeling defeated and frustrated with the approach. Although they've made some progress, they're still disappointed - cancelling, or even ghosting you.

Lack of Fulfilment

You feel pressure to compromise your values and succumb to selling fat loss solutions to hook clients. However, deep down, you remain committed to making a difference, guiding your clients towards long-term health and personal growth, rather than settling for superficial results.


Body dissatisfaction is a pervasive norm, not the exception. 

60% of women & 40% of men

grapple with negative body image

41% of men

are self-conscious about their weight and size

70% of adult women

withdraw from meaningful activities due to their body image

1 third of adults

feel anxious or depressed because of their body image

It's an undeniable truth: body dissatisfaction is the driving force behind countless dieting endeavours—the very reason our clients seek our guidance.

Unfortunately, too few coaches have received the training and education required to effectively promote positive body image—an approach grounded in theory and backed by rigorous research.

The time has come to change the narrative, to equip ourselves with the knowledge and tools to make a resounding difference.

The Missing Piece In Your Coaching Education

An 8 week course and mentorship that will help you...

Develop the skills and knowledge to improve your clients' relationship with food, exercise and their body.

Gain a comprehensive understanding of the complex interplay between body image, dietary behaviours and overall well-being through evidence-based practices and cutting-edge research.

By the end of this course, you will emerge equipped with a robust framework that seamlessly integrates body image work into your coaching practice.

You will possess the confidence and expertise to guide your clients through the transformative process of improving their body image, eliminating it as a stumbling block on their path to success.


The body image course is a must.

It provides a clear, evidence-based path to making real change in your clients' lives. The course is one of the most valuable educational resources I could recommend for coaches or trainers.

- Luke Tulloch, online trainer


Here's How It Works


What body image is, how it develops, and how it affects your clients' lives and eating behaviours.


Help your clients take practical steps to respect their bodies and support their health.


Change clients lives, contribute to a global public health problem and make a meaningful difference.


The body image course is invaluable.

The science and methods presented made sense of a lot of things which I hadn't been able to put together myself. It helped me both personally and professionally. 

- Ruby Cooke, sports nutritionist

What Will I Learn?


Improve Your Clients' Lives

While any coach can assist with weight loss, you have the opportunity to create a profound impact on your clients' lives.

Get Started

This is easily one of the best investments I’ve made in my career.

Working on body image is arguably one of the most challenging but also most important aspects of a health professional’s work. Shannon does a great job taking the most up-to-date research on a complex topic and making it easy to understand and apply with clients. I highly recommend this course to any professional working with people on nutrition, fitness, or health and wellness.

-Kristin Draayer, nutritionist, MS, RDN, CPT

Join Now And Receive These Bonus Features

Not only are you getting 8 weeks of value-packed modules, you are also getting the following:

Body Image Progress Tracker

It's not all steps and macros. With the Ultimate Body Image Self Monitoring Spreadsheet, you'll have a powerful tool at your disposal to track and monitor your clients' progress. This comprehensive tracker goes beyond traditional measurements, allowing you to capture the intricate nuances of body image transformation.

With this spreadsheet, you can seamlessly integrate body image tracking into your coaching practice, gaining valuable insights into your clients' evolving mindset, self-perception, and overall well-being. With a clear overview of their progress, you can tailor your coaching approach and celebrate milestones together, fostering motivation and a sense of accomplishment.

Client Worksheets

Bridge the gap between theory and practice with these thoughtfully curated Client Worksheets. These practical handouts and worksheets are directly derived from the latest research and expert insights.

With these valuable resources in your toolkit, you can effortlessly guide your clients through engaging exercises and activities that promote positive body image and self-compassion. These worksheets provide structure and guidance, making it easier for your clients to implement your coaching strategies and stay on track towards their goals. By incorporating these evidence-based tools into your sessions, you empower your clients to actively participate in their own transformation and facilitate deeper, more impactful change.

Exclusive Community Access

When you enrol in the Body Image Fundamentals Course, you will receive and exclusive invitation to The Coaching Collective, a vibrant online community of value-driven coaches who share a common dedication to personal and professional growth.

You'll find a supportive network of professionals who understand your challenges and have faced similar obstacles in their coaching journey.

Embrace the opportunity to forge lasting connections, participate in thought-provoking discussions, and access exclusive resources that will further enhance your professional development.


The body image course has helped me serve my clients on a higher level.

Improving a client's body image is one of the best ways we as coaches can help to deliver what they ultimately want i.e. a healthier and happier life. Yet it's often overlooked or isn't even considered. This is a fantastic course born out of careful and diligent research.

- Brian Ó HÁonghusa, nutritionist

Meet Your Teacher

I know what it's like to feel like you could be doing more.

In fact, it was my inability to help a particular client that shaped my journey and led me to discover the true significance of body image.

My client had her sights set on getting leaner, with a specific goal weight in mind. We were 'flexible dieting', striving to strike a balance between her enjoyment of social activities, like weekend brunches, and her desire to reach her physique goal.

We tried it all: calorie banking, diet breaks, non-tracking weeks... but still we encountered a frustrating plateau. My client became increasingly disheartened, complaining about her body and losing control over her diet. It was a difficult moment for both of us. I was at a loss, unable to provide the answers, and knew there had to be something more we were missing.

Driven by the desire to find a solution, I delved into the research on dietary restraint. It was during this deep dive that I uncovered an eye-opening fact: body image plays a pivotal role in achieving sustainable results, a balanced lifestyle and the true confidence clients were seeking.

Over the years, I dedicated myself to studying the intricacies of body image, carefully applying research findings to my clients' journeys.

Now I'm sharing this approach with you.

And trust me, I've gone to some lengths to do so!

Seeing incredible results with my clients wasn't enough for me. I wanted to ensure that this course was not only effective but also approved by other industry experts.

To guarantee its accuracy & efficacy, I enlisted expert researchers to review the course content and presented in front of multiple prestigious research labs.

Here's the real game changer: Not only does this course draw from years of research and practical experience, but it has been empirically validated by the research team at the Health, Behaviour and Emotions lab at the University of Toronto. 

Scientific research confirms that the strategies taught in this course are not only easy to learn but also create a tangible impact in your clients lives.

Stop doubting your efficacy as a coach and develop the skills to confidently improve your clients body image.

Payment Options

Three Ways To Get Started


Split Pay

3 payments of £245

For the price of just one monthly client, you will receive lifetime access to:

  • Complete Curriculum
  • The Ultimate Body Image Progress Tracker
  • Client Worksheets
  • Invite to The Coaching Collective
  • LIFETIME ACCESS to all future updates
  • Pay In Full Bonus: Breakthrough Conversations: Mastering Motivational Interviewing for Food and Body Concerns
  • Save £90

Pay In Full

1 payment of £645

Choose the pay in full option and receive lifetime access to:

  • Complete Curriculum
  • The Ultimate Body Image Progress Tracker
  • Client Worksheets
  • Invite to The Coaching Collective
  • LIFETIME ACCESS to all future updates
  • Pay In Full Bonus: Breakthrough Conversations: Mastering Motivational Interviewing for Food and Body Concerns
  • Save £90! 

Expert Bundle

1 payment of £925

Get everything from the pay in full option (including the pay in full bonus)...

  • Private 1-1 mentoring call with Shannon for direct guidance

This interactive session ensures that you receive individualised attention and the highest level of support, setting you apart as a dedicated and invested professional in the field.

You'll have the chance to gain deeper insights, address any roadblocks or uncertainties, and refine your approach to improving body image for yourself and your clients.


Our Guarantee

If you are not satisfied with the course within 14 days, simply contact us for a full refund. I am confident that this course will be pivotal to your development as a coach. I don't want anything to hold you back from immediately helping your clients.

Body image is fundamental for all coaches.

This course is evidence-based, easy to understand & very practical. The service I give my clients has improved as a result. Thank you Shannon!

- Alice Raggatt, nutritionist

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