You know there's more to life than looking good, but it often doesn't feel that way.

Together, we can overcome your food and body concerns so you can make the most of life.

Life Is Too Short To Be Obsessing

About Food And How You Look

But resisting appearance pressures is challenging in a world infatuated with image. 

When you feel at peace with food, at ease with your body, and confident in yourself,

life becomes much more vibrant and fulfilling.

That's why I have dedicated my services to help you respect your body -

so you can free up your headspace and make the most of life.

Three Ways To Grow:

01 Build Body Confidence Course

End the love/hate relationship with your body in this self-paced online course. Learn how to overcome your fear of weight gain so the scales no longer control your life and develop secure self-confidence that isn’t attached to how you look.


02 EMPOWER Health Coaching

Private 1-1 coaching to get to the root of your food and body concerns, so you can develop the self-awareness and self-regulation to stabilise your eating behaviours, feel comfortable in your body and build confidence in who you are


03 Inner Strength Group Training

An evidence-based, 8 week Compassionate Mind Training group program to help you develop the strength to tolerate difficult emotions without turning to food and overcome self-criticism so you can grow through courage, insight & wisdom.