Self Esteem, Perfectionism & Body Image with Thomas Midgley 


In this podcast episode, Shannon and Thomas discuss overcoming personal struggles with an inner critic and perfectionism. They explore the challenges faced by clients with eating disorders and delve into topics like perfectionism, self-worth, compassion, and the role of control and achievement. They emphasise the importance of fostering self-compassion, overcoming fear of failure, and shifting the focus of self-esteem from appearance to other aspects of life. The episode aims to promote confidence, positive body image, and alternative ways of finding fulfilment while highlighting the transformative power of compassion.

About The Guest

Thomas is a registered dietician and behavioural & cognitive psychotherapist. Having first studied psychology and nutrition, then applied nutrition and dietetics at the University of Wales Institute, Cardiff, Thomas later completed his PGDIP in Behavioural and Cognitive Psychotherapy at Royal Holloway University, London. Thomas is the director of the body image treatment clinic, in London, where he works with clients to treat a number of conditions relating to body image distress such as trauma and eating disorders.

This Episode Is A Must Listen For:

  • Individuals struggling with binge eating and self-loathing who want to explore fostering self-compassion and overcome perfectionism.
  • High achievers who want better strategies to foster a growth mindset, overcome the fear of failure, and reduce the impact of perfectionism on their well-being.
  • Athletes or sports enthusiasts who resonate with the theme of overcoming perfectionism, fear of failure, and shifting self-esteem focus from appearance to other aspects.
  • Individuals looking for guidance on developing self-compassion, finding alternative fulfilment from food disorders, and building confidence.

Key takeaways:

  • CFT has potential applications in addressing eating behaviors, self-esteem, and body image distress. CFT focuses on cultivating self-compassion and kindness towards oneself.
  • Self-criticism, shame, trauma, and a lack of kindness or compassion are challenges that can hinder individuals from seeking treatment and making positive changes.
  • Behaviours and responses can be compartmented into three systems model, which includes the threat system, drive system, and soothe system.
  • Two groups are highlighted as facing challenges in cultivating self-compassion. This includes individuals who struggle with binge eating and self-loathing, and the other includes highly successful individuals who rely on achievement and goals to manage their inner critic.
  • Compassion is seen as a potential remedy to perfectionistic tendencies and negative self-image

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