Fulfilling Your Potential with Luke Tulloch


Welcome to this Consillience podcast episode featuring Luke Tullock, an online trainer and educator specialising in coaching people to feel strong without food stress. Luke's approach emphasizes simplicity and effectiveness in achieving goals aligned with intrinsic values. In this captivating conversation, Luke and Shannon explore various goal-setting techniques, including the innovative concept of anti-goals, refining and focusing efforts. They discuss financial planning for freedom and reduced stress, as well as the transformative power of investing in experiences over material possessions. Luke's diverse interests illustrate the value of embracing curiosity and enriching experiences. Join us for an inspiring conversation that touches on goal setting, financial freedom, and the beauty of diverse interests, as Luke also shares his upcoming plans to empower people in fitness and prepares to embrace personal growth as he expects his first child.

About The Guests

Luke Tulloch is an online trainer and educator from Sydney, currently based in Gothenburg, who coaches people to feel strong, without the constant food stress. Luke is all about figuring out how to fulfil your potential. He leads by example and seeks to live according to his values of progression, learning, challenge, freedom and independence.

This Episode Is A Must Listen For:

  •  Individuals interested in personal growth: The podcast explores topics such as financial independence, values, and identity-based habits, which can inspire personal growth and self-improvement.
  •  Those seeking a balanced life: The discussions about investing in experiences and broadening interests can resonate with individuals looking to find a balance between work, hobbies, and personal fulfillment.
  •  Fitness enthusiasts: The host and guest discuss fitness-related topics, including training, coaching, and understanding different perspectives on fitness.
  •  Fantasy fiction fans: The discussion on the value of fiction, particularly fantasy, can appeal to those who enjoy exploring imaginative worlds and complex character development.
  •  Those interested in financial planning and independence: The concept of “f*ck you money" and financial planning insights can be valuable for individuals seeking financial security and independence.
  •  People interested in diverse perspectives: The podcast covers a wide range of topics, from fitness to music to culinary experiences, making it appealing to those who appreciate diverse perspectives and interests.

Key takeaways:

  •  Embrace “f*ck you money": This concept refers to having financial independence, allows individuals to have the freedom to pursue their interests and work on their terms without financial pressure.
  •  Value of experiences over material possessions: Investing in experiences, such as fine dining or learning to play a musical instrument, contributes more to long-term happiness and personal growth than solely focusing on material possessions.
  •  Embrace a broad range of interests: Generalising and having diverse hobbies can fuel curiosity, enrich life experiences, and lead to connections with people from various backgrounds and interests.
  •  The power of fiction, especially fantasy: Reading fiction, particularly fantasy, can activate the imagination, offer new perspectives, and provide insights into character development and societal issues.
  •  Aligning values with identity-based habits: Identifying and aligning one's values with habits can lead to personal growth and fullfillment in various aspects of life, beyond just fitness or career-related pursuits.

Further Resources:

Whether you're seeking to shed unhealthy habits, improve your eating patterns, or gain a deeper understanding of your nutrition identity, this podcast is made for you. Join the ever-growing community of individuals striving for positive change in their lives.