Disordered eating, what coaches need to know with Michelle Carroll


In this episode, Shannon is joined by expert guest Michelle Carol. They discuss how fitness professionals can better support their clients' well-being by moving beyond aesthetic-focused goals and adopting a more holistic approach. Michelle shares insights on the importance of emphasising behaviours over aesthetics, challenges in the fitness industry, and why health isn't defined by a specific body size. Whether you're a fitness coach, someone navigating body image issues, or a fitness enthusiast, this episode offers valuable insights into fostering a healthier, more balanced relationship with fitness and self-image.

About The Guests

Michelle Carroll is an online nutrition coach and body image researcher. Her primary research interest lies in disordered eating and improving body image amongst fitness professionals.

This Episode Is A Must Listen For:

  • Fitness professionals looking to enhance their coaching strategies, promote holistic health, and better support their clients' well-being.
  • People who are dealing with body image issues, seeking a more balanced approach to fitness, and wanting to understand how to set healthier goals.
  • Anyone engaged in fitness and training who wants to gain insight into how coaches can provide more effective and supportive guidance while prioritising overall well-being over aesthetics.

Key takeaways:

  • Shift the focus from aesthetics to behaviour and holistic health by encouraging clients to track non-scale victories, transition to broader health-related goals, and support body image and confidence.
  • Challenge the fitness ideal by recognizing that health and fitness are highly individualised, not limited to a specific body size, and address the pressures on fitness professionals regarding their physique.
  • Embrace continuous self-reflection and learning as a coach, including assessing client struggles, identifying barriers, and seeking evidence-based solutions to better support clients and adapt coaching approaches.

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