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How To Improve Your Body Image

Learn how to develop a positive body image so you can feel happier and more comfortable in your body.


A Beginner's Guide To Self Compassion

Learn how self compassion exercises to break the cycle of self criticism and support yourself instead.


How To Eat Well Without Macros

Learn how to eat a balanced diet - no macro tracking or calorie counting necessary!


What Does It Mean To Flourish?

Learn how to balance physical, social and psychological wellbeing and make the most of life.


How To Develop Self-Confidence

Learn the three key components of self-confidence that is not contingent upon how you look or what you achieve. 


How To Stop Emotional Eating

Learn how to identify your triggers and find more satisfying ways to meet your needs.


How To Overcome All or Nothing Thinking

Learn how to identify your triggers and find more satisfying ways to meet your needs.


How To Motivate Yourself When You Don't Feel Like It

Motivation is not a feeling, it's something you can create. Learn how to follow through on what matters.

Are Before and After Weight Loss Photos Harmful? May 07, 2023

How should we conduct ourselves online as health and fitness professionals?

Many of us rely on social media as a means of attracting clients and...

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How To Be Body Confident For Summer Apr 30, 2023

Most people experience a desire to get leaner for summer. You do not have to feel guilty for wanting to look ‘good’.

But that...

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Flexible Dieting: What Does The Evidence Say? body image flexible dieting intuitive eating Mar 16, 2023

What is the best way to promote healthy nutrition behaviours?

Fitness practitioners will often endorse flexible dietary control [1], which is...

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Don’t Give Up On Your Appearance body image Sep 08, 2022

‘If I work on my body image, won’t I just let myself go?’

People instantly get turned off from working on their body image if...

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How To Appreciate Your Body body image confidence self acceptance Jul 28, 2022

Are you comfortable in your body?

Are you attentive to its needs?

Do you appreciate its uniqueness?

Do you take care of your body?


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I No Longer Feel Shame About My Body body image self compassion self confidence self-acceptance Jul 23, 2022

Lorryn is a photographer, nutritionist and long term client of mine. Together we worked on improving Lorryn's body image, gaining...

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Why Do We Care About How We Look? body image Jul 13, 2022

We all care about our appearance to some extent. It’s completely normal.

It feels good to receive a compliment on our appearance, so of...

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How To Boost Your Motivation motivation values Jul 13, 2022

Sometimes we don’t feel like doing the things that move us closer towards our goals. You might have a long day and work and not be in the...

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